our handcrafted paithani

The peacock, the lotus, the parrot, and the vines… the precious motifs that you were longing for, are here on your own paithani. We preserve Maharashtra’s treasured legacy within genuinely handcrafted paithanis!

Special Features

Woven by skilled hands, and the heart, our handicraft paithani sarees remain an exemplary work of art – even after several generations.

100% Pure Silk

We are paithani saree wholesalers, and each paithani sold here is made from 100% pure silk thread. The sheen, glam, and feel of pure silk speak for it.

100% Hand-woven

Carefully crafted, our handmade paithanis stand out from the crowd of designer sarees. The rich craftsmanship of our weavers is one of its kinds.

Typically Traditional

In dynamically evolving fashion world, the typical traditional yet royal look of handicraft paithanis has been among the favourites, and remains evergreen.


Every paithani, as is manually woven, is unique. No two paithanis can exactly be the same, and this exclusivity is the beauty of our paithani sarees.


Our paithani sarees make a perfect example of ‘beauty lies in elegance’. The elegance of a paithani saree reflects a simple, classy, and exquisite look.


The purest silk threads, 100% natural dyes, royal motifs, and unmatched finesse in each paithani’s artwork account for its ‘value for money’ features.



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Handmade Paithani

With an objective to pass on Maharashtra’s traditional imprints from generation to generation, our wholesale paithani supplies offer unique paithani sarees in each lot. ‘Handicraft’ is what makes a paithani an exclusive piece of beauty.

In today’s fast-fashion age that runs on powerlooms, we choose to maintain our reliance on handlooms, which is the skill and power of our paithani weavers. We value their painstaking skilled efforts in weaving emotions in each paithani saree that they create, and thus believe that no designer saree can match the features that we offer in our fascinating range of paithanis.

The rich craftsmanship and highest quality silk ensure that the paithani you buy will never wear out or lose its shine over the time. A paithani is forever!

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Customized Paithani

Wondering if you can get your traditional wedding saree customized? It’s absolutely possible… Let us create a custom-made paithani for you!


Customized Paithani

Wondering if you can get your traditional wedding saree customized? It’s absolutely possible… Let us create a custom-made paithani for you!
A paithani- ‘exclusively’ yours

Wedding ceremonies are supposed to create lifetime memories, and what can be a bride’s priority on her big day other than her saree? Yes, you can now get made-to-order or customized paithani sarees for Peshwaai themed weddings and other functions. Our craftsmen are specialized in intricate thread weaves and exquisite zari work. While our ready to ship collection is irresistible, customized paithani sarees are what women are seeking these days.You can choose to customize from a beautiful collection of traditional paithani, dalimbi paithani, brocade paithani, and Banarasi paithani, among others. Beyond these types and typical traditional colours, we can customize paithani sarees in various vibrant colours and designs, including single or double pallu, tissue pallu, brocade, fancy, and Maharani. Our customized paithani saree will be the integral element of every bride-to-be’s trousseau!


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